Art Options from Art Consulting Vancouver

Original Paintings

  • Oil paintings
  • Acrylic paintings
  • Pastels

Acrylic Painitng

Acrylic Painting

Original Sculpture

  • Wood
  • Porcelain
  • Bronze

Painted Wood Sculpture

Painted Wood Sculpture


  • Transmount on Plexiglas
  • Plaque-mount
  • Mat and frame

Scenic and Floral Photography

Scenic Photography

Canvas Transfer Prints

  • narrow or deep stretchers
  • framed or unframed
  • security installed

Canvas Transfer Prints

Canvas Transfer Prints

Historical Photographs

  • Researched at local archives
  • Plaque-mount
  • Mat and frame

Historical Photograph (plaque-mount)

Historical Photograph: plaque-mounted

Custom Art

  • Murals
  • Commission paintings
  • Gilding

Public Art

  • Site-specific
  • Granite, CorianĀ®, backlit panels, steel
  • For municipalities, architects & developers

Engraved granite pyramid at Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton

Public Art by Mia Weinberg